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Welcome To Rip n Shred

Rip n Shred Inc. is an Edmonton based and owned company incorporated March 2002. Luigi Coco, President of Rip n Shred Inc., is a knowledgeable individual with experience since 1995 in the shredding and recycling industry. Mr. Coco has gained valuable knowledge in all aspects of the shredding, recycling industry including setting up cost effective systems to marketing the end product.

Luigi also offers document storage services, Rip n Shred Record Storage. This service is a secure way to store your documents and free up valuable office space. It employs a state of the art records management control system that allows quick, accurate and confidential filing, retreival and re-filing of boxes and individual files.


- It is economically efficient to use Rip n Shred than shred paper yourself.

- It would take a person up to 11 hours to shred 150lb or 15,000 sheets of paper using a store bought shredder

- It takes less than 3 minutes to shred 150lbs or 15,000 sheets of paper

- Rip n Shred service is less than a tenth the cost of the shredder